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Stam 30 - Registration #198791970

A daughter of Frans 289 and granddaughter of Ygram 240, Mathilde passes on good conformation,
type and movement to her offspring.  She herself is not ster but has already produced 3 ster
  mares and has 7 generations of ster or better behind her.  This includes the famous
 Brecht 2302, the Preferent mother of Ritske 202-Pref. in her 6th generation.
Following the Brecht branch of stam 30 you will find the prestigious names of Pyt 325,
 Ritse 322, Folkert 353, Frans 289 and Ritske-Preferent 202
 as well as Jabik 187 through the Iebeltje branch.

 Mathilde is out of the Preferent Mare Merda. Mathilde has full papers

 behind her, her papers have a total of  9-Ster, 3-Pref., 2-Model and 3-Model-Pref.




Mathilde's Pedigree

 Mathilde's Offspring:    

Oprah - Ster x Bendert 281
Leizel - Ster x Lukas 324
Zalda - Ster x Bendert 281
Iske - Vb x Wander 352
Nishka-Vb x Anne 340
Dakote - Vb x Bendert 281
Xerxes - 3e studbook x Bendert 281
Alma - Studbook x Bendert 281


All Images Copyright   Desert Mountain Friesian Farms