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Our  imported mare Jouckje ( yell-key-yeh )

Stam 97 - Registration #198583220


May 2003


May 2002


May 2000


A daughter of Teake and granddaughter of Hindrik, Jouckje is a baroque style
 mare with abundant  mane, tail and feathering.  She passes on her  incredible
 temperament as well as good conformation, type and her quiet disposition.
Her papers have a total of  3-ster, 3-ster-pref., 5-pref. and 6 model-pref.
Although Jouckje doesn't come from a well known or stellar stam line, nor does she
have  what some may consider great papers, she has been invaluable to our baroque  
breeding program. Her amazing disposition and temperament more than makes up
for what she may lack on paper and those who own her offspring would agree.
Jouckje Crossed the Rainbow bridge May 1st 2004
She leaves behind a beautiful Filly Mysje and a family that loved and adored her

Jouckje Pedigree

Jouckje's Offspring:

Sibbel W. - Ster x Oepke  266
Vesta C. - Bb x Mabus R. 493 Rb

Gilbert - Vb

x Ids  300
Wandria - Sb x Wander  352
Broshje - Sb x Wander  352
Hjalte - Ster x Warn 335
Mysje - Vb x Teade 392

All Images Copyright Desert Mountain Friesian Farms