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Click here to see Hjalte at his keuring (6.32mb)
2007 Inspection - Hjalte Ster and Grand Champion Gelding
Sjoerd telling me I need to run my boy as he made Ster and Grand Champion
Handing Hjalte off to the "professionals"
April 2007
July 2006
Dirty Boy!
Born May 1, 2002  Inbreeding Coefficient 2.92 %
Hjalte is by the Approved Stallion Warn 335 and our mare Jouckje by Teake 273
Hjalte is a large horse standing just shy of 16.1 at 3.  He's the sweetest boy with a great personality and eager to please. He's currently
in training with Jim Allen - Away with Horses
Hjalte's  papers have the total of: 2-Ster, 3-Ster-Preferent, 5-Preferent, and 8-Model-Preferent
Stam 97 - Registration # 200234251 
     $ Sold    


All Images Copyright   Desert Mountain Friesian Farms Unless Otherwise Noted