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Hjalte Ster and 2007 Champion Gelding (6.32mb)
Jouckje x Warn 335
My Baby Girl, Mysje Remembered (5.20mb)
Mysje was born just months after loosing my boy Teren then she was orphaned at 14 days
 We had a bond that will be like no other. I miss her every day.
Tia of DMF  (Tatiana-Ster x Teade 392)
(5.7 MB)
Olivia L. Ster (Tjimme x Ids x Bendert) Tatiana Ster (Gerlof x Feitse-Pref. Oege_Pref)
(2.03 MB) (2.32 MB)
Jitske fan Moskou Ster (Nykle x Mark-Pref.) Niekle of DMF (Tatiana Ster x Teade 392)
(5.62 MB) (2.77 MB)
Nienke of DMF (Olivia L. Ster x Remmelt 323) Nishka of DMF (Mathilde x Anne 340)
(2.87 MB) (4.91 MB)
Heidi of DMF (Olivia L. Ster x Pyt 325) Roxanne of DMF (Olivia L. Ster x Teade 392)
(4.78 MB) ( 4.52 MB )

Teren & Jouckje Remembered
(10.6 MB)