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Stam 31 - Registration # 200100485
Dionijs is a 3rd premie studbook gelding by the Approved Stallion Wander 352 and  our ster mare Olivia L.
His dam Olivia, is a 7th generation ster mare by the  stallion  Tjimme 273 out of  the ster-preferent mare Cheryl
by Ids 300.  Dionijs is very affectionate, loves to work and truly enjoys being a babysitter for the foals. Dionijs's  papers
 have the total of: 5-Ster, 6-Ster-Preferent, 4-Preferent, 4-Model-Preferent, 1-Prestatie (performance mother)
At the age of 7 Dionijs is just a hair under 17 hands
Dionijs was awarded 3rd premie studbook at the 2004 keuring in Heber, UT.  We will try him again for ster.

Dionijs is currently 16.2 hands and turned 4 in February 2004

    Here are a few photo's of Dionijs in training (July 04) with his rider Abby. They're not the best but shows how he is progressing

The babysitter (2004)
Dionijs (don-e-us) was born February 18, 2001

October 7,  2005
2008 Dionijs and Zoom
Click here for his pedigree

All Images Copyright 2008 Desert Mountain Friesian Farms